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What We Believe

We have been changing lives since 2005 as we teach not only dance and music but life lessons along the way.
As a parent we realize you have a choice between several different dance and music schools.

All dance and private music schools are not the same. We constantly renovate and improve our facilites and provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure we are always providing our students and parents with the best experience and dance/music instruction possible.

May Dance It Up be a home away from home, a sense of strength
when you need it and grounding when you have flown away.


  • Dance It Up has been so great for Madi. She has learned so much in the short time she's been there! I have seen her grow and want to keep learning. This is not just a dance studio but a place of love, respect, frienship and most of all FAMILY! I know she loves it there for these reasons and more...
    Tina Mazzilli Tina Mazzilli
  • Dance It Up With Music has treated my daughter like family. Everyone in this organization is amazing. From giving back to the community to outstanding classes, they make sure every family is cared for. When learning is fun, you know something is being done right!
    Lalani Lalsingh Lalani Lalsingh
  • I love the family friendly welcoming atmosphere and the important life lessons taught along the way. Couldn't have picked a better place for my daughter. She looks forward to coming all the time.
    Christina Berdecia Christina Berdecia
  • At Dance It Up, they teach more than just dance. They teach kids lessons they can use throughout their life. They teach the value of giving back to the community. Dance It Up is more than a studio. It's a FAMILY!
    Jennifer Borges Jennifer Borges

Dance It Up with Music

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