Tween Program

The last day to join in the Extravaganza fun is January 15th!

  • tween b

     Tween Ballet: Ages 9-11 ( Must be 9 by Nov. 1st)

    In ballet we say use your center to control all your movements. In life we say use Love to guide all your actions. This class beginning to end will raise up your dancer with a strong foundation to create a beautiful performer.

     Monday 6:00-6:45 (Limited Spots Available) 

    tween l

    Tween Lyrical: Ages 9-11 ( Must be 9 by Nov. 1st)

    The beauty of telling a story through dance and movement. Jazz Technique fuels the fire as Ballet creates the base and passion is the icing on the cake!

    Monday 8:30- 9:15
    Wednesday 8:00-8:45 *Wait list Available 

  •  tween t

    Tween Tap: Ages 9-11 ( Must be 9 by Nov. 1st)

     Sounds of tapping fill the air as this class makes some grooving beats! Using feet as percussion sounds your dancer is sure to entertain!

    Tuesday 5:15-6:00
    Thursday 6:30-7:15 *Wait list Available 

    tween j

    Tween Jazz: Ages 9-11 ( Must be 9 by Nov. 1st) 

    Choreography, combinations and embracing their personalities at its best!  Leaps, Turns, Fun and More are all rolled into this amazing class!

    Monday 6:45-7:30 **Waitlist Available

        tween hh

    Tween Hip Hop: Ages 9-11 ( Must be 9 by Nov. 1st) 

     Moving, Grooving and loads of fun, this class will be sure to break your dancer out of their shell!  Contractions, isolations, level changes and confidence are all a part of this exciting class!

    Monday 7:30-8:15 *Wait list Available 




    Tuition is a yearly academic fee that is conveniently split into 10 installments with  the last installment along with registration fee being due at the time of registration.

    Our school Year consists of 36 weeks of classes holidays excluded.
    enchanted beginnings prices

    Extravaganza Costumes: 

    Includes outfit, accessories, tights (1 per dancer), alterations, screen printed garment bag, steaming, embellishments and headpiece if necessary

    Extravaganza Fee: 

    Includes Extravaganza Tshirt, Rehearsal Fees and Extravaganza Fees




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