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    The I.D Company is a program designed for the more intense dancer. This program is a privilege that dancers and their parents must appreciate and respect. Dancers are chosen by invitation only and must have been a DIP’student for at least 2 years to be considered. Dancers must be 8 years old by July 1st unless invited by a staff member. Participation in the program is based on two principles: 1)  Dancers who are ready to make their personal best, giving and learning leadership their priority and 2) Parents that are no drama and fuss free– There is no fussing when doing good deeds and spreading love! We encourage dancers to be a dedicated to their academic studies as they are to their dance education. This program was built on giving back, charity and leading with love.

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     The Smile Squad is the perfect setting for any child wishing to use their love for dance to establish relationships with peers as well as people in their own community! This              Squad invites a limited number of routines from this past season to participate each year and  spread smiles at  nursing homes. It is a supportive group setting which develops dance, performance and leadership skills. These skills not only benefit the physical health of the student, but enhance the overall general education.



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    Beyond Ballet is a program created to provide an opportunity to dancers who want to train a bit more seriously in the world of ballet “Beyond” their one ballet class a week. These are the dancers who want to sharpen their technique, knowledge and execution of dance. Let’s not forget all the lessons of life that will come alone with any program that goes above and “Beyond” to provide the most unforgettable memories and experiences. Beyond Ballet is a separate program from our Extravaganza program. You will see some required classes are in the Extravaganza program to complete the technical requirements of this program, however, participation in the year end Extravaganza is not required to participate in Beyond Ballet.

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     Charity.Reach Out. Entertainment. WOW.

    This all boys performance group dances for our WHY and battle it out for cheers, hoots and hollers at the Hearts for Eli Gala, Family Fun Day and the Extravaganza! This freestyle program as a true opportunity for our dancers to find themselves as artists and individuals.




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    The Intern Scholarship Program at Dance It Up with Music is like no other leadership training program. Combining dance lessons in the classroom, life lessons on being a leader, taking responsibility of ones own actions among many other lessons; students who participate in this program will graduate with a sense of what it is to have a real job, lead a team, be part of a movement changing culture among many other lessons. This program is so prestigious we only accept 6 in the program at a time. Applications are held until an available spot becomes open or Interns graduate onto our Junior Faculty. We truly believe in our mission to create the next generation of leaders and feel it is our responsibility to invest and create opportunities for them to flourish in a supportive, loving and uplifting environment.


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