Tuesday Classes Costume Reveal!

Colors May Vary From Image Below
  • 2017-2018

  • 5:15 Dancin Cuties- Red Bird

    Rockin robin Tue 515


    Red Bird Tue 515

    5:15 Just For Boys- The Renaissance Throwdown

    Ninja Turtle Artists Tuesday 515

    5:15 Tap- Always Coca-Cola

    Coca Cola Tue 515


    Always Coca Cola Tue 515

    6:00 Ballet Miss Ashley- Field Of Joy

    True Colors Ash Tue 6 pink True Colors Ash Tue 6 purpTrue Colors Ash Tue 6 mint


    Field Of Joy, Abstract Landscape Of Bejeweled Field Of Flowers (Watercolor Painting).

    6:00 Ballet Miss Jenna- Inside The Magic

    Alice in wonderland Tue 600 Jenna


    Inside the magic tue 6

  • 6:00 Jazz- Havanna

    Havanna Tue 6


    Havanna tue 6

    6:45 Jazz Miss Ashley- Car Wash

    Car wash Tue 645 Ash


    Car wash tue 645 (need to find high res)

    6:45 Jazz Miss Jenna- Orange Colored Sky

    Orange colored sky Tue 645 jenna


    Seascape (orange colored sky) tue 645

    6:45 Lyrical- Where The Wild Things Are

    Wild Things Tue 645

    where the wild things are smaller res for website



    7:30 Hip Hop- Shut Up and Drive

    Shut up and Drive Tue 730

    shut up and drive tue 730



    9:00 The Crew- The Presidential Debate

    mt rushmore the crew



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