• Private Music Program

    Frequently Asked Question
    How does Dance It Up with Music differ from In- Home Lessons?

    Attending lessons in a professional school environment means that the teacher and student are free from home distractions (TVs in the next room, door bells, phones, after school friends, siblings and pets). Students tend to take their music study a little more seriously when they are coming to a school situation, bringing their books and materials to the lessons each week. Also, students gain excitement about the music making progress when they are surrounded by other people learning different instruments.

    Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?

    It is ideal if you do have a piano at home however, you can begin lessons by using an electric keyboard. A 61 note full-size keyboard can be purchased starting from $99. This would be adequate to start a student in lessons.

    What about other instruments? Do I need and electric guitar or drum set?

    Students can start on an acoustic guitar which come in ½, ¾, and full sizes. Our staff can recommend music stores within an hour of our facility that will provide great customer service to make the perfect match for your child’s size. Beginner Acoustic guitars cost $69-$99 and an Electric Guitar package with guitar, amp and accessories start around $169.
    Students can begin drum lessons with a practice pad and sticks for $15 to $125, ideal for practicing basic drum rhythms.

    Is a half hour lesson enough for a beginner?

    Yes. A half hour lesson gives the student a lot to practice at home. In a half hour, they will get enough material to learn well and develop proper technique. As they progress, at the advice of the teacher, you can go for a longer lesson time.

    My child is 3,4,5,6 can they take Private music lessons?

    We do not start children in Private lessons until they are 6/7 years old. We have found that a ½ hour to learn music theory and the basics just is not fun when you are that young! We want every student to leave enthusiastic and wanting to learn more. We have our highly successful Music FunTime program that starts children at 18 months learning to read and play music through puzzles, games and one a kind musical tools that create a passion for music while learning it. As they progress this class turns into a group piano program and students graduate already knowing how to read, understand and play music which make it a successful transition into private music classes!

    My child was practicing a lot in the beginning and now doesn’t at all. Should I let them stop? Does that mean they do not enjoy it anymore?

    No! Some students just enjoy that ½ per week and as long as they are okay with progressing at a slower rate compared to a student who practices 5 days a week it does not mean that they do not enjoy it! In fact, we are thrilled when students want to keep music in their life in some way, shape or form. We always say let them keep going. You never know if by letting them nurture their interests at their own pace will grow into a beautiful passion for the instrument and then they start practicing all the time!

    My child is giving me a hard time and not want to come since it is getting to hard. Should I let them quit?

    Well, not everything in life will come easy. Many times students LOVE music class they just don’t love how it is getting more difficult and challenging. They great news is that if they are at that point they are really getting good and learning! Our answer is always keep it positive. They can’t quit everything in life just because it becomes hard especially if they enjoy it and it is good for you. Music is something that teaches them so much more and has such amazing side benefits that we encourage all parents to keep their chins up and kids in music lessons. Once they push past the “hard” stage you will truly have a musician that can persevere anything in life.

    Private Music Program

    Instruments Offered

    At Dance It Up with Music our mission is to instill a love and passion for the arts through life lessons first.  Our culture whether you are in the Music Program, Dance Program or Tumbling Program is Family First, creating tomorrow’s Leaders, Dedication, Work Ethic, Friendship, Giving Back and most of all providing a place for happiness.    We know some students just want to play for fun while others are planning to enter college for a performance or music degree and are more devoted to advancing at a faster pace. No matter what end of the spectrum your child falls on we trust that you will find a happy music home here and are proud to be able to offer you multiple arts under one home.

  • Piano

    We offer piano lessons for students ages 6/7 and up all abilities from beginners to advanced. We offer every style of piano lessons from classical to pop as they mature. Our instructors will work with your children to find what works best for their age, ability, interests and learning style.


    In our guitar and bass lessons our instructors teach a variety of music styles. In private lessons the instructor has the opportunity to help the student individually for the entire lesson time and structures each lesson personally for the student depending on their skill level and goals. All students learn standard notation and theory along with reading tab, chord charts, scales, learning to play by ear and improvisation applying it to the various styles of music.


    In voice lessons students will learn proper breathing technique, how to increase their range, music theory, proper pitch, how to project and stage presence. A huge part of voice class is also building up their self-confidence to make them strong performers and individuals. Class time can also be used to prepare for upcoming auditions to a play, show or prepare you for a performance.

  • Drums

    Our drum lesson stress proper technique so students become good drummers quickly. Students will learn warmup exercises, stick control and rudiments as they progress onto a full size drum kit.


    Students for these instruments usually are 9 and older as they need to have a greater lung capacity. Brass students will usually take group lessons in school but want that personal one on one attention to further advance their playing skills.

  • Private Music Program


    This program is ALL INCLUSIVE (Music Books & Performance Fee)!
    Our season Is a total of 44 weeks September-August. 

    ½ Hour Price is $32 per lesson. Monthly tuition is divided evenly into 12 installments of $117. 

    45 Minute Price is $48 per lesson.  Monthly Tuition is divided evenly into 12 installments of $175.

    1 hour Price is $64 per lesson. Monthly Tuition is divided evenly into 12 installments of $234.

    There is a $25 registration fee at the start of the season in September. Students may break during the season for sports and others activities.  You do however run the risk of losing your time slot unless you choose to pay to hold onto it.

    All payment is done through our autopay system the 1st of every month.

    Makeups are only given if we are notified  24 hours prior to cancellation.

    All Drops require a 30 day written notice.

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