"Pow" Intern Scholarship Program

Creating The Next Generation Of Leaders
  • Passing Our "Why"

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  • The Intern Scholarship Program at Dance It Up with Music is like no other leadership training program. Combining dance lessons in the classroom, life lessons on being a leader, taking responsibility of ones own actions among many other lessons; students who participate in this program will graduate with a sense of what it is to have a real job, lead a team, be part of a movement changing culture among many other lessons. This program is so prestigious we only accept 6 in the program at a time. Applications are held until an available spot becomes open or Interns graduate onto our Junior Faculty. We truly believe in our mission to create the next generation of leaders and feel it is our responsibility to invest and create opportunities for them to flourish in a supportive, loving and uplifting environment.

  • Scholarship Inclusions

    – In classroom Experience with our amazing Team
    – 2 Seminars a Year to dive deep on Injury reaction/prevention, leadership, learning styles and more
    – Creating and cultivating culture and in classroom lessons
    – Monthly Lessons
    – Actual Real life Work Experience
    -Community Service Hours
    – CPR and First Aid Certification and Renewal
    -Intern Leadership Trip once a year
    -Intern Coordinator, Teachers and Director Mentorship
    – Intern Uniform and so much more!




  • FAQ

    What are the eligibility requirements?

    -12 Years Old and Up
    -A DIPM student for
    at least 2 years.
    -Teacher Recommendation

    What is the cost of the program?

    Nothing- everything necessary is provided as a part of the scholarship.

    What other opportunities are available within the POW program?

    Our POW Program houses our Beginning Buddies program. This also requires a separate application and does not receive the same scholarship opportunities.