Mini's Program

Last day to join in the fun is January 15th!
  • budding ballet

    Budding Ballerinas: Ages 5-7 (Must be 5 by Nov. 1st)

    This Budding Ballet Class begins our Ballerinas on Terminology, Barre, Beginner Progressions and the important Fundamentals of dance. We provide a positive encouraging environment that Ballerinas will just twirl with excitement after every class!

     Thursday 5:00-5:30 (Limited Spots Available) 
     Saturday 10:15-10:45 (Limited Spots Available) 

    tiny tappers

    Tiny Tappers: Ages 5-7 (Must be 5 by Nov. 1st)

    Counting, rhythm, coordination are all integral parts of this tapping dream. Enjoy the sounds of laughter and noise all through your house as the fun they learn in this class will travel with them everywhere!

     Thursday 5:30-6:00 *Wait list Available 


  •         mag minis


    Magnificent Mini’s: Ages 5-7 (Must be 5 by Nov. 1st)

    Your Magnificent mini will leap and turn over this JAZZ class. Stretch, isolation’s, classroom structure and FUN are sure to be had by all!

    Wednesday 5:30-6:00
    Thursday 6:00-6:30

  •  hippity hop girls


    Hippity Hop: Ages 5-7 (Must be 5 by Nov. 1st)

    Groovin’ and Movin’ are the names of this game. Shake, rattle and roll as your dancer hips and hops all around even after class has ended!

    Wednesday 5:00-5:30
    Wednesday 6:00-6:30 (Limited Spots Available) 
    Saturday 10:45-11:15 (Limited Spots Available) 





    Tuition is a yearly academic fee that is conveniently split into 10 installments with  the last installment along with registration fee being due at the time of registration.

    Our school Year consists of 36 weeks of classes holidays excluded.
    Mini's Pricing

    Extravaganza Costumes: 

    Includes outfit, accessories, tights (1 per dancer), alterations, screen printed garment bag, steaming, embellishments and headpiece if necessary

    Extravaganza Fee: 

    Includes Extravaganza Tshirt, Rehearsal Fees and Extravaganza Fees




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