Capturing Memories One photo at a time....

May 08, 2017

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A full weekend of over 20 hours of photos, the sorting of over 10,000 images has not even begun yet or the choosing out almost 100 families memories! With all that being said, for some Picture Weekend may be just that.  Picture Weekend.  It’s about the hair, makeup, pinning, smiling, the perfect shot, and can we get retakes if we want? For most studios in fact it is. Trust me that’s totally fine!  They have their Why and we have ours.  They probably differ drastically though and I’m happy to say that! It may make me an outsider in our industry but I’m honored to be just that.  WHY? Because of the faces above!

Here were my TOP 3 Takeaways from this crazy, busy weekend! (We also had huge practices and classes along with all this, so busy excitement was the theme of this weekend!

1. I come from a family of 5.  When I get a weekend to hang with Papa Chin all by my lonesome, yes, even as an adult I’ll take it! If you have multiple kids you know how hard it is to split your time to have quality time.  For him and I it’s work and mechanics.  YUP! So I’ll take the laughs and memories that I have gotten to create with him while doing what I love most…hanging with your kiddos! FAMILY. FIRST.

2. I saw our Intern Program in full action.  Those gals were organizing, pinning, making sure the kids and parents were happy and gave up their weekend to be with your kids!  They have been in that photo room before and realize what they are a part of is More Than Just Great Dancing. We left being a dance studio in the past a long time ago.  We are so much MORE and they get that!  I was so proud to see them as young leaders in ACTION!  Real life work experience that our organization provides beyond just being the technician….makes me so PROUD!!!! Leaders raise leaders. A huge thank you to one of our LONGGGGGG time dance moms who was there in a heartbeat and gave up her Friday night and Saturday afternoon to make sure your children and you felt like one million bucks!  We are more that just a studio. We are more than just an organization. FAMILY. FIRST.

3. Your Children are incredible.  I mean I know you that but seriously, THEY ARE! I may not teach them every week, but by golly they are my WHY.  I’m not going to promise you the pose or photo of your dreams. I will promise you we did catch a memory in time though. This weekend was more than just a smile.  Not a child walked in the studio or out of that room without feeling special.  Not a dancer posed on that backdrop without being told how incredible and beautiful they were.  We didn’t just boast on physical beauty, we laughed, they told jokes, they shared stories and their eyes lit up.  They came into the room ages 2- teenagers and all had something amazing to bring to our camera which holds the stories of well…..them!  From every spritz of hairspray, to smoothing of their dress, to flex of their hand a conversation went on where they got to be themselves.  They didn’t pretend, they weren’t tying to impress anyone….they were just being kids!  We loved on them like they were our own.  They were picked up, hugged, high fived and so much more! FAMILY. FIRST.

I could go on forever, but if you did get photos this weekend then you saw on the TV’s first hand the amount of fixing, up and down and everything that was going on.  If you got to interact with our helpers outside you know those young gals, Miss Lisa, Mrs. Lubiak and Papa Chin made you feel and your child feel special!  If you forgot something, we had it for you.  No stress, no rush, no drama just the way your families experience is supposed to be. I never really understood retakes.  You can’t redo life.  You can only enjoy it and take it for what it is.  Kind of like a photo.  We can’t recreate feelings or moments so cherish the ones that were captured because trust me, your kiddo felt like a million bucks!

This weekend we got to touch a lot of lives one on one.  It was worth every second of our energy and time.  I hope in the future that more people come for the experience because what everyone got this weekend was More Than Just a Great Photo…..

it was a moment captured in time.

Tis’ the Season….

Miss Jennifer

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