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  • Teaching Life Lessons Through Dance & Music

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  • What is DIP'M University?

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  • Beyond teaching dance and music at our studio, it is our passion to reach out into the community to build a positive culture for younger generations.We are honored to be able to offer you the opportunity for your students to participate in our “DIP’M University” ! This program can either  travel to your school as an assembly or be offered in our state of the art facility during your school hours as a field trip twice a year! 

    This program is catered to your schools individual needs and costs absolutely nothing to you or your student, just the opportunity to bring an amazing dance class and experience to your school in the fall and spring! We look forward to making arrangements with you for your students and know that you will find that this program to be a very beneficial and an exciting addition to your school!


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  • What To Expect?

    The Dance Class
    This structured class gets everyone on their feet! They will be moving, grooving and having a blast dancing the day away. All movements are age appropriate and gender friendly to ensure a good time is had by all!

    Life Lessons
    This class teaches much more than dance as it hones in on the mindset of an athlete & successful individual. Hard Work. Perseverance. Determination and so much more! All of these life skills will be a great asset to them!

    Keynote Speaker
    This motivational talk about the importance of goal setting, integrity building and exceeding their own expectations will be sure to leave students feeling ready to take on the world!

    Leaving In Style
    Every participant will leave with a new coat of confidence & something to remember this awesome day by!




  • FAQ

    How Much Does DIP'M University Cost?

    It is FREE! We are hoping to encourage arts, dance & most importantly life lessons into our community!

    What ages can participate?

    All ages! Our programs are all developed separately and are catered to the age and level being presented to.

    What exactly will they be doing?

    The program is typically a 45 minute dance class for grades pre k- 5. For grades 6 and over it typically runs for an hour and a half and includes both the dance class as well as a motivational speaker. Full assemblies are offered as well with time constraints specific to your school (will be discussed upon booking).

    Is the program any different if we chose to host it in your facility?

    No! The program will be run the same, although more children can be accommodated at the same time. This will provide the opportunity to run the program in more of a camp like structure.

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