A Road map of the Costume Process!

May 08, 2017
Costume timeline
It’s that time of year again. The glitter, sparkly fabric, lace, headpieces, steaming and stoning all come out to play. To some our costumes are just that; costumes. To our dancers they are More Thank Just Great Costumes. They are a coat of confidence. They are the uniform for our profession.
They are WHAT we wear as performers to share our WHY.
    So many fine details go into choosing your dancers “perfect” costume for their routine.  It starts with a dream that turns into a theme. From themes we choose songs and from songs we peel open the catalog books to let the fun process begin!
Starting in September we comb through book after book to see which company has stepped up their game. Who is protecting kids being kids? Who is keeping age appropriate as a priority? Who is putting the needs of the client first by growing their teams to handle serving our families the best way they ca?. Once we choose out a company we match a theme to a class. From there we then decide what is age appropriate! Should 5 year olds be in strappy open backs and tight short skirts? I think NOT! They need poof, sparkly, bows and more! Then we do the same for our babies up to our big kiddos!
   You have probably noticed the kids being measured and told they are perfect. We measure while class is in session. We do so purposely so none of the kids will feel like people are “listening” or comparing measurements. We also do it so 10 minutes of class is not taken up with dancers sitting around waiting to be measured.
 We add 3 inches for growth on our younger kids, 2 for our mediums kiddos and 1 for our oldest kids. Why? They have to fit in June that’s why! Kids grow and they grow fast! It also takes months sometimes to get in exchanges and we can always make a costume smaller but we can’t make it bigger! So when it comes in and it’s big let us do what we do best:). Trust us that if it’s too small we will take care of it. If it’s too big we will take care of it!
     November 15th is the due date. Why so early? Well, some costumes come in within a month and some take 2 while others can take 3-5! We also need time to steam, stone, hang, organize and embellish over 500 costumes! That is no small feat and I am not sending anyone home with a wrinkled costume, balled up in a bag for you to have to do all the work yourself. Nope. Not happening!
So what happens after costumes come in? Well we try them on over their leotards and clothes so everyone is comfy (especially if mommy isn’t there that day) The staff will use their professional experience to make sure your dancer is properly taken care of! Any exchanges that have to be made are done and the rest begin the whole process! Once ALL of your child’s costumes are completed and not a minute before you will receive them in a screen printed logoed garment bag. Why? So you can keep them organized year after year and know which Extravaganza year it was!
Once the seamstress sign up gets posted you will have to try on your costumes to see if anything needs to be altered. Months may have gone by and the alterations once needed no longer will need to be accomplished. If that’s not the case, sign up on us! If not, phew you are ready!
You will notice one thing missing in your bags. ACCESSORIES!!!! We hold onto them until show day. Why? So we don’t have any performers with tears because something was forgotten or misplaced. It has happened so now we take on that huge responsibility for you!
If we are the only studio you have ever participated in you might have come to think this is the norm in the dance industry. I can assure you it’s not! If we are your new dance home then you know our method of serving you to our fullest potential is Extravagant service to make the experience extraordinary!!!
So when you see costume reminders and seamstress dates and costume pick up remember that shiny fabric is so much more. It’s childhood memories on stage and we are honored to go the extra mile for you to have an Extravagant time!


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