Top 7 Reasons Why Your Child Should "Fall" Right Into Dance

October 30, 2017

With fall sports coming to an end, there is no better way to ensure your child’s mind and body will be exercised than to kick off a new season right into dance! Going from a busy schedule to having nothing to do can lead to boredom, disinterest in school and a lack of necessary physical activity. Engage their minds and bodies while they join in on the fun!  Here are the top seven reasons your child will benefit from joining :

1. They will be both mentally and physically healthier!


Don’t allow your child to go from being “healthy as a horse” to doing nothing and being stuck bored at home after school.

2. Dance acts as a natural and healthy stress reliever! 


We all know that our kiddos try and act like they have it all together but sometimes look like the woman above… give them an outlet to come and relieve the overload of tests, quizzes and the daily grind!

3. Allow your child to make new friends…and catch up with their old ones! 

golden girls

 Encourage healthy socializing and help them to build a network of supportive and understanding peers.

4. Avoid the Couch Potato Blues when they get home from school…keep them engaged! 


By having your child in a dance class they won’t have the opportunity to roll off the bus and onto the couch…they may not be able to go outside with the cold weather, but they can still be active and have fun!

5. They will also have something more exciting to do after school rather than immediate homework or the couch potato lifestyle!


Give them something to look forward to after a long day…their smiling faces and smelly sweaty dance shoes will make your heart melt.

6. Keep them in shape to get back into their sports season once again!


Or you can let them prepare on their own but that may end up looking like this guy…

7. Let them have fun and BE KIDS!!!

be a kid

In such a competitive world, it is so important to take a step back and allow kids to just be kids. Let them prepare for something exciting where the award is simply the joy you get out of the performance.

Invest in their health, their happiness and their dance education. 

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